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Thailand Property Management mediates between house owners and prospective tenants and accepts no responsibility for any damages that may occur in connection with the object to be rented whatsoever. All the houses on offer have a third party liability insurance in the name of the owner which comes into effect in case of damages. We ask you to communicate any problems which may arise as fast as possible in order to ensure that we are able to redress the situation immediately. Any complaints directed to us will be dealt with promptly.

All offers are non-binding. Liability for individual offers is excluded.


A down-payment/deposit of 25% of the rental price is due on receipt of a booking confirmation or invoice. The remaining sum must be paid not later than 8 weeks before departure. The booking will be confirmed only on payment of the deposit. You will be met personally by a member of our German/Thai/English-speaking staff and taken to your holiday home or apartment where the keys will be handed over.


When canceling a booking the following fees apply: A fee of 25% is due up to 30 days before the contract starts. A partial refund is only possible in exceptional cases within the last 30 days. If the deposit is not paid within a week of receiving the booking confirmation/invoice the booking will be cancelled with immediate effect.


We reserve the right to change the entire offer, or change and add or remove individual items from it. Thailand Property Management accepts no responsibility for the actuality, correctness or quality of the information at your disposal. We accept absolutely no liability for damages, whether material or immaterial, that may arise through the use or non-use of the information presented here or through the use of incorrect or incomplete information on this website.


This liability disclaimer is to be regarded as a part of the internet offer and should be referred to in case of doubt. Insofar as sections of the text or formulations within the text do not conform whether fully or in part with the actual law, this shall not affect the validity of the rest of the document.

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