Home Theatre Systems

Real home theatre is an immersive experience. Done well, it takes you away from your present reality and into another world. Dream Homes Asia have the expertise to create for you a home theatre that will do just that – at the touch of a button.

We don’t do ‘all-in-one’ or pre-packaged home theatre systems. While these may be less expensive options, they don’t do a movie – or your home – justice. You may be surprised however, at how affordable a well designed, quality home theatre system can be.

Home Theatre Design

Dream Homes Asia design home theaters from discreet systems that blend in to their environment to high-end dedicated screening rooms. We don’t do home theater packages as each room has its own requirements, just as you have your preferences and personal tastes.

Dedicated Home Theater Rooms

There is nothing quite like a dedicated room for pure home cinema enjoyment. A well designed system can outperform most commercial cinemas in terms of picture quality, sound quality and sheer comfort.

Dream Homes Asia can create a dedicated home theater room designed by an accredited THX designer, incorporating lighting, room acoustics, sound proofing, seating, and room theming as well as providing the best in speakers, electronics, flat panels, screens and projectors.

Your home theater can be controlled by the touch of a button. Simply pressing the ‘Movie’ button will reveal the screen as the lights dim and the sound comes up. It’s real cinema, but with all the comforts of home.

Home Theatre Systems

Home Theater in Your Living Space

While a dedicated home theater room may be the ultimate luxury, for most people the home theater must fit in with the everyday living space. Dream Homes Asia have expertise in integrating home theater electronics, speakers and screens into living spaces discreetly or even invisibly, until they’re needed. Of course picture and sound quality matters and we work with the best brands in the business to ensure your home theater is all it can be.

Home Theater Installation

Our CEDIA certified installers are trained experts in integrating home theater systems into new and existing homes. We can conceal speakers, equipment and cabling to preserve the aesthetics of your home, and can calibrate the system to suit your room acoustics and lighting to give you perfect sound and vision just as the director intended.

Our installations can also include lighting control, acoustic treatments, theater seating, automatic closing of window coverings... whatever it takes to deliver a comfortable and immersive home cinema experience.

The final step is making the system easy for you to use and enjoy. We can simplify operation through the use of smart remote controls to give you one touch control over your home theater.

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